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Well, Valentines day was...wierd. I mean...I actually got chocolates from girls-who-are-not-my-best-friends. It's kinda of scary, yeah, I know I'm a sexy beast, but I like to think that usually people are too overwhelmed by my total manliness to give me chocolates. I mean..I still don't know who two of them are from since they were totally anonymously left on my station in cooking class when I went to get more ingredients but... yeah.


WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?! Other people get to practice this in HIGHSCHOOOL!

(OOC:Don't mind him, this is just the first time he's ever gotten anything on V-day from a girl who wasn't his bff, or his sister (when she's in a good mood))

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Give them chocolate back in a month?

And as for the anonymous chocolate, leave some at the front of the class marked "to the girls who left me chocolate"?

And hey, at least you grew up with the expectation of this. :p

(OOC: Sorry this is late - I think it didn't show up on my/the community flist? I only just found it and Maria's now that I'm looking at their journals.)

Well...yeah. I knew that. Heh...

Hey that's a good idea!

Why? You didn't?

(OOC: Issok. The day I posted it LJ was being wonky so maybe that's it)

Nah. In Australia Valentine's is usually just observed by couples and it's more of a mutual thing, so we don't have White Day. So the way you guys do it kind of took me by surprise when I went on student exchange in Japan.

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