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Is everyone ok?!
I can't get my phone to work to call anyone, but the internet is kind of still working, I guess that's good right!? RIGHT?!! Jun you'd better get on SOMETHING now, I know your phone has facebook, you're on it 24/7 WHY NOT NOW!
You'd better be ok, because if you're not I'm going to throw all of your clothes out!
Hikari-chan? You're ok right? Taichi-sempai? Yamato? Takeru?!! Everyone?!!!
I'm kind of freaking out, and I bet you guys are too so I'm ok...kinda. So's Veemon...yeah he kind of saved me from a bookshelf. Don't ask because...well. just don't!

Crap! Mom and Dad are probably panicking. They left for their second honeymoon yesterday and I can't reach them. I can't do anything. Shit. I'm going to try to find my sister. I can't just sit here and do nothing.

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(Deleted comment)
A bit banged up, but hey, apparently having a hard head is a good thing! I was at home grabbing is TRASHED. I'm going out to find Jun...Raidramons going to help.

Patamon and I'll come with you. Where do you want us to meet you?
And how banged up is banged up?

Where are you again? up is banged up.

I'm at my campus.

Banged up like you need stitches, or banged up like you've gotten worse playing soccer?

Be there soon.

Yeah... Be more specific angel boy. Dude. When I was ten? I was in the hospital because of a soccer injury!

More specific? Fine. Do you need a hospital, or not that bad?

Nope! I don't need a hospital! as long as the bleeding stops

Good. bleeding? What bleeding?

Almost there. Bleeding? Who said anything about bleeding?

Another few blocks and I'll be there. You did! You said something about bleeding!

Daisuke? Oh god are you alright? Where are you? I can't get in touch with anyone else. Patamon and I are mostly okay. I don't know about anyone else

I'm glad to hear you're okay! Don't go anywhere dangerous looking for your sister, yeah?

Um... Cant promise. Dude. She's my SISTER.

and Ash, who has FOUR sisters, now feels like the biggest ass in the world

Good point.

Yeah. I don't care what I have to do, dude. I WILL find her.
She's O.K.
She's Jun.
I just have to find her.

I'm sure you will, man.

Hikari san is alright Daisuke-kun, and I as well.
Let me know of the location of anybody you know that are missing. I'll search with Birdramon.

I'm glad you guys are ok. Me and Raidramon are going out now. Maybe we should split up or something.
Bring Hikari-chan with you. It's still kinda dangerous and stuff out there!

Jun was at her new job. She said it was close to Fuji Telebi. I don't know. She might have been on lunch break.

I'm heading over the Fuji Telebi right now.
I'll meet up with you there.

Didn't even notice he used his full name XD

Ok. Keep an eye out for Takeru's dad. He works there right?

Re: Didn't even notice he used his full name XD

Yes. I'll keep my eyes on for both.
Unfortunately I'm not with Hikari-chan at the moment- she is helping elderly in the complex with the after-math of disaster, but she is safe.

Try contacting your parents via text message.
It might be quicker, and the Google has list of missing person.

Re: Didn't even notice he used his full name XD

Thanks. Um. Ken's looking for someone too.

Oh! Well wait till she's done. That way you can help each other.

Oh! I'll try that.

Okay, I sent the plan to Takeru-.
Sorry, I've already left the apartment with Birdramon.
So far, there are some people in the shopping area that has witnessed someone like your sister, and it sounds like Yamato's father is last seen in his van with his crew.

I'll see you guys in about half an hour.

We'll be there soon. I had to swing around to pick up a blonde and a batpig.

I'll head over to the shopping area then.

Do you know where your parents went on honeymoon to?

*Thinking "Ohgod I didn't even think they could have been hit too, I hope they didn't "

They went to a hot spring resort in Kyoto...

Re: *Thinking "Ohgod I didn't even think they could have been hit too, I hope they didn't "

Have given names and an idea which resort they might be at? I have a gaming buddy in Kyoto who's a travel agent and fellow Ural enthusiast. I'll send her an e-mail, have her check around.

Re: *Thinking "Ohgod I didn't even think they could have been hit too, I hope they didn&#39

Motomiya Akira and Motomiya Hanako, They went to Yunohana Onsen I think...

Re: *Thinking "Ohgod I didn't even think they could have been hit too, I hope they didn&#39

Sent the e-mail. I'll let you know when Naomi gets back to me.

Thanks man. That helps that someone can check on them

**feels like a douche because he doesn't talk to Ryo much because he's slightly jealous of the Ken connection. *

Naomi says they're a little shaken, but fine. I went ahead and told her to let them know you're okay and looking for your sister. Naomi says that as soon as they can, they're going to try to get back to Tokyo.

Daisuke-kun, I'm so relieved that you're okay! Sora-san and I are both fine, just.. Shaken up...

Is your family okay? Would you like some company? I'd like to see you...

Sora told me, I'm glad you're ok, Hikari-chan!...OH! Where are you right now? We're trying to find my sister and blondie's parents. My folks are ok, I guess I have to thank Ryo for letting me know and Juns missing. I don't know where she is...

You still haven't located them? Aah... I've just been cleaning up our apartment with Tailmon... Where are you guys? I'd like to help, if I can...

Dai-chan! I'm relieved to hear that you're doing okay. Have you tracked down Jun-chan yet? I'm worried about her myself... Can you text me when you do? It'd really make me feel a lot better.

Momooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooe! You're OK!

We found Jun early this morning. She was touring Fuji TV after applying for her internship when the shit hit the fan! She's ok, and we found TJ's Dad and Mom too!

She was at Fuji TV?! Wow... That must have been scary for her... I'm glad she's okay, though. And that everyone else seems to be. It's hard to be optimistic when you see so much horror in the hospital...

Yeah. I think it was. She's a bit freaked, but you know Jun.
If she's freaked, she'll be fine. It's when she stops talking that you worry!

Heh, sounds about right!
Well, tell her that I'll be by to see you guys as soon as I am able to leave. After I get some sleep. You guys take care of each other, okay?

Of course we will! Just be careful, the aftershock today almost had the bookshelf attacking me again, and there's supposed to be more...

So far, yeah. We've heard from almost everyone. It's bad over here Maria. Me and blondie helped as much as we could with our digimon but...

Daisuke! I'm alright, and so's Agumon...just shaken up a bit. What about you?

Sempaiiiiiiiiiiii! I'm ok! Just a little beat up! Veemons fine.

That's good. I'm glad you're both okay. Have you guys been out since then? Others will need our help, too.

Well, duh! We've been running around day is it? Me, Sora and T.D, though we bumped into Ken once or twice! We just found my sister and blondies parents, would have been sooner but there were alot of people who needed help.

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