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...uh...don't forget the ramen and soccer too!

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Hey guys! We're going to celebrate Hanami. This means you,  no excuses accepted!

Get out your nice clothes, and we can all bring some stuff and share it. Hikari-chan thinks it's what we all need right now and I agree.

It's kinda cool that even with everything happening, and the aftershocks, the trees still bloom. Kinda makes you feel better.

Hey! Do you think the old people will get mad if I bring my soccer ball?  Dude, I miss it.

(OOC Note: Warning of Chosen blowing off steam,slightly overboard because the stress is getting to them. Some of the joking is a forced way to let go of over a month of all too serious atmosphere. )

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(Deleted comment)
Me too! I want to see everyone smiling again!

But there were old geezers by us last year. They kept yelling at me for nothing!

Truuuue...Hey! We should bring music!

(Deleted comment)
Hmm. I wouldn't say they were too impolite. After all, our soccer ball landed in their bentou of sushi.

I agree with you that the music would be nice. Something calming and atmospheric like piano would be neat.

(Deleted comment)
Eh, it's ok. I mean...yeah.

That sounds good, I really don't care what kind of music it is, so long as it's not Enka!

As long as soccer ball doesn't involve muds, they should be okay with us.
In fact, why don't we teach the kids in the area how to play soccer? They wouldn't think of us as hooligans that way.

Good suggestion. I sure do have a lot of gray outfits that I've outgrown.

Hey! That's a great idea!
...But everythings muddy now, if the balls on the ground itll get muddy!

Or we could just skip the soccer this year, and play something else. Since there'll be a group, cards is a great option that doesn't disturb other patrons.

What do you say, on "revolution"? ;D

Cards? But that's booooooring. We'll be outside! Why play cards?

In this case, I agree with you, Daisuke. I think some time relaxing as a group would be a nice way to help calm everyone's nerves. And I know Hawkmon would like to get out and see the other Digimon, since we've been pretty much stuck in the shop lately.

I think you can get away with bringing a soccer ball, so long as you make sure not to hit anyone with it or anything. Which means you have to actually be careful, you do realize.

I wouldn't risk it myself.

Where's your sense of adventure, Iori?

Such thing doesn't exist when it involves causing irratation to innocent bystanders.

In this case? Hey! I have good ideas....though this one is Hikari-chans! And it'd be good to see you, you're never around anymore!

I can be careful!

What? Are you saying you actually miss me, Daisuke? I'd actually like to see you, too. What's with my sister seeing more of you than I do? :\

Well DUH, who else am I going to argue with? Ken plays dirtier than you, and Hikari-chan's too nice!

I dunno. Maybe it's because she and my sister are like...attached at the hip?

Either that or it's because you've been totally GONE :/

I don't get a choice?
I'm sure elders won't mind as long as you play within the designated area. Like at the playground nearby, not exactly at the flower viewing sight.

I'm uncertain about my attendance, but I do see a point in what you're saying, about sharing resources.
I'll consider it.

Hey! I WAS in the playground!

Please come? Come on man!

Yet you and Ichijouji san magically tackled old folk's lunch.

Would it be too mean if I said I will go if we won't play soccer?

Come on, Iori! Don't be such a stick in the mud! Besides, I'll be there!

Iori arched his eyebrow at the comment.
'Does she -know- how much influence she has over me?'

He just blinked, before letting out a cough and began typing.

...You do raise a good point, but being the stick in the mud is part of my nature.

The ball ran away!

Huh? Why? Are you still mad about last time?

No.I was more concerned with my keeping up with university work on hand.

However, I will attend as requested.

Wait, what if we're allergic to nihilistic symbolism and not a member of your merry band anyway?

Then you should come most of all, if only to laugh at us?

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