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...uh...don't forget the ramen and soccer too!

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Working two jobs and going to school is kicking my butt harder than me kicking a soccer ball! Hard to imagine, right? I don't even have time to PLAY soccer, except on weekends! I ended up working through Tanabata, the ramen place I work at had a stand, I saw some of you guys, but it was too busy for me to do uch but wave. Yeesh!  I remember last Tanabata, and it was so much easier, I just got to hang around with people, and it was a lot cooler! I guess I just got  lucky enough to not be scheduled last year.

The cool part is, my boss is letting me actually MAKE some of the specialty ramen now! Go me! I can't play with the recipes or anything, but maybe next year he'll let me, Even Ken admits that my pineapple-bbq-pork ramen is awesome! Veemon likes it better with hotsauce, but then again, he likes EVERYTHING with hotsauce.  

My other job is pretty much boring, but at least I can put some money aside for what's important right?  And no Ken, I didn't forget about paying for school when I said important!

My teacher is kinda cool this year, but he's piling on the work. I MISS YOU GUYS ! Come visit me at work or something before I go nuts from missing you all!

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Where do you work? I'd love to try some different toppings on ramen :)

That'd be cool!

I'm at Yo! Teko-ya, it's [ Insert Address Here}

And hey, if you come I'll put anything you want on your ramen!

Well, If we have it, but we have a lot of stuff!

I'll see if I can drop by some time ♥ What do you recommend?

I dunno, it depends on what you like. I mean, you can't go wrong with the shoyu ramen, but everythings good!

I've tried all of the flavors so far on my lunch break.

I do like shoyu ramen! Mostly I like my ramen lighter, with chicken and veges. I like to try and eat right. Which one's your favorite?

Weird hearing I've been playing more soccer than you have.

I knoooow! It's not right!

(Deleted comment)
Hikari-chan! That would be awesome! ;_;

Save me!

(in which Ryo wasted a day trying to figure out how to respond to his replacement)

Are there any ramen varieties that might actually be healthy or low in sodium or preprocessed ingredients?

So you're alive huh?

Kidding. I barely see you at home anymore! I had more than one reason to watch the rest of that match with you D:

You need better jobs.

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