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WHAT THE F....!!!!

Ok, so yeah, Ken, were right about the whole portal thing but you didn't say IT COULD HAPPEN IN MY HOUSE!!!

I was on my way back from the bathroom at one in the MORNING!

Me and Veemon are gonna try to get home, but um...if i miss and end up near any of you DON'T's not funny!

...And I swear, my mom bought them!

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Where ARE you?
I'll try to go get you some shirts.

And dude, don't lie, that boxers were a set with your Pikachu blanket.

That aside, where did the portal open?
Is it still there?
I landed at Files island last time, but I'll need exact location trying to find you.
Though, I'm hoping the portal would take me to where I need to go-
But this time I'll have Wormmon with me.

Um... I guess in the hallway. I tripped over Veemon and suddenly? there was grass! I'm pretty sure I didn't open the Digiport in my sleep again

NO! Those ones got thrown out like..last year!

I'm not sure where I am. um... wait. There's roofs? looks kinda like that place with all the Geckomon...

Yeah I know... I told you not to put your D-3 near your pillow far too many times to be upset by this.
Place with Geckomon? You mean ShougunGekomon's castle?

Oh dear. They are not making you sing are they?
(I've heard from Digimons back then that he slept for years before another humans came along?)

Alright I'll be right down with one of my grey shirts.and pants

Hey! If I hadn't I wouldn't have it with me!

Yeah! and no way! I wasn't stupid enough to go in. Me and Veemon are sitting around outside!
I wish I could sleep for years!

Heh, Thank's man!

I never said it was. It's still funny though!

... Huh. Didn't know digiports could act like that.

I dunno dude. I don't care what Ken says! I totally didn't open it in my sleep!

At least I don't think so...

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