With courage and friendship we face the world...

...uh...don't forget the ramen and soccer too!

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~*~*~*Cellphone Post/Voicemail~*~*~
So you need to contact Daisuke's cellphone? Here's a post to do it whether text or voicemail!

Please note whether it's Text or Voice in  the subject line!!

Voice Message:

" Hey! What's up?.....uh huh...Dude, speak louder, I can't hear you!...Oh-yeah *laugh*

By the way, this is my voice mail, so leave a message after the beep. Hah! I bet you fell for it."

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Damn it Daisuke, change your answering machine...

But Hey! It's Wallace, I was wondering if we could talk sometime. It's kinda important.

[ Listens through the ring for it to be picked up]

Hey, Wallace! What'cha need to talk about?

Ne, Daisuke-kun... Are you free tonight?

Yeah, of course I am, Hikari-chan!

Daisuke-kun! I heard from Yamato-san that you guys are finally home. I hope you had a great time. I'll call you soon for details. I'm happy you're back! (^0^)

Yeah, we're back. The festival thing was kind of cool. I'm glad to be back though. Dude, the rooms were tiny!D:

Daisuke-kun... I was thinking... Did you want to help me with a small get together for Takeru-kun on Saturday? I was thinking he might like some time with his two best friends after he got back and I thought you might like to help me out? I want to try to make a cake and everything! Think you can get the time off of work?

I guess. I don't want him to think we didn't miss him. Hah, I bet he'll be surprised!

Daisuke-kun... I just wanted to say a big thank you, again. You've been such a big help the last few days. If I can ever return the favor, don't hesitate to ask, okay?

No problem, Hikari-chan!

Man, that answering machine of yours always takes me off guard... sigh

Anyways! Daisuke-kun, since I'm trying to get Ken-kun to come over for the sleepover with myself and Sora-san, I'm calling to make sure you know about it. I want you there, too, so keep yourself free on Saturday night, okay?

Talk to you, later!

Of COURSE I'll be there! And I'll drag Ken. He hasn't even seen your apartment yet!

Daisuke-kun! Can you believe it? We're back to school on Tuesday already... Hey! Wanna meet for lunch or something? My treat! Call me back.

Daisuke. I'm waiting at 'the soccer field.'
See you in 10.

(Shell I start the log? or would you like to?)

Ok! I'll be there in a few!

(I'm good either way. Also HI Haven't seen you on in foreeeever)

Iori-kun, Ken-kun and I are talking about going skating sometime soon. Any chance you want to come along?

Daisuke! I wanna hang out with you. Contact me when and if you want to.

Daisuke will be finding a neatly made bag of home made chocolates, tied with a blue bow.

Note attached reads:

To Daisuke-kun:

Just a little something to say thank you. You've been so great to me over the last year, so.... Thank you for everything. <3

Hikari <3

Yo, Daisuke-it's me, Taichi! Just wondering how things are going with your job hunting, and still waiting for you to stop on by and apply for a position here. Call back when you get this, ne? Stay out of trouble and don't make any plans with Hikari unless she agrees 100% first.!

And, no-I didn't fall for it, ha ha.

Tai-sempai! I completely forgot about that, I kind of got excited because my cooking class is getting to cater to some weird party and I've been practicing like mad. Uh... what's the address of your work again?
Huh? What do you mean?

Daisuke, I saw your post and I'm alright.
Unfortunately I cannot help out with search of Jun san at the moment because I too am in search of someone else-
I suggest the remaining chosens form a search party and look for your sister together.
After all, there are certain things Digimon are better than us humans with their heightened sense.

In the mean time,take care, and breath.
Jun san is a strong woman, and I'm certain Wizardmon won't let anything happen to her.

Maybe we can join up and look together. Who are you looking for? I mean more peoples better right?

Yeah, Yeah, I know! I know! but she's my sister. Dude. I can't help but worry.

Daisuke! It's Miyako! Momo-nee told me you were okay, so I decided to call you. I hope you're still doing fine. If you need any help finding people still, I hope you know you can count on me.

Well, that's it. Call me sometime, okay? Bye bye! (^0^)/

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