With courage and friendship we face the world...

...uh...don't forget the ramen and soccer too!

~*~*~*Cellphone Post/Voicemail~*~*~
So you need to contact Daisuke's cellphone? Here's a post to do it whether text or voicemail!

Please note whether it's Text or Voice in  the subject line!!

Voice Message:

" Hey! What's up?.....uh huh...Dude, speak louder, I can't hear you!...Oh-yeah *laugh*

By the way, this is my voice mail, so leave a message after the beep. Hah! I bet you fell for it."

HMD post

   Hows my driving? Am I playing Daisuke alright? I know I mix him with Davis but am I making him seem too dense?

Would love to have concrit, feedback, etc... I know I can't make everyone happy, but if I get too ooc tell me!

I'm using the dub habit of calling Takeru, TF ect... because its awkward to call someone Omae-san in the middle of an English sentence even though he's supposed to be speaking Japanese.
 Anon is on, and wank will be deleted.

Relationship Post-
Under Construction

(no subject)
WHAT THE F....!!!!

Ok, so yeah, Ken, were right about the whole portal thing but you didn't say IT COULD HAPPEN IN MY HOUSE!!!

I was on my way back from the bathroom at one in the MORNING!

Me and Veemon are gonna try to get home, but um...if i miss and end up near any of you DON'T's not funny!

...And I swear, my mom bought them!

Backdated to sunday.


I was at work, so I missed watching it live, but my sister recorded it for me. I think I love her right now.

......Awwww man. now I owe her one.

Dude. So worth it.

(no subject)
Working two jobs and going to school is kicking my butt harder than me kicking a soccer ball! Hard to imagine, right? I don't even have time to PLAY soccer, except on weekends! I ended up working through Tanabata, the ramen place I work at had a stand, I saw some of you guys, but it was too busy for me to do uch but wave. Yeesh!  I remember last Tanabata, and it was so much easier, I just got to hang around with people, and it was a lot cooler! I guess I just got  lucky enough to not be scheduled last year.

The cool part is, my boss is letting me actually MAKE some of the specialty ramen now! Go me! I can't play with the recipes or anything, but maybe next year he'll let me, Even Ken admits that my pineapple-bbq-pork ramen is awesome! Veemon likes it better with hotsauce, but then again, he likes EVERYTHING with hotsauce.  

My other job is pretty much boring, but at least I can put some money aside for what's important right?  And no Ken, I didn't forget about paying for school when I said important!

My teacher is kinda cool this year, but he's piling on the work. I MISS YOU GUYS ! Come visit me at work or something before I go nuts from missing you all!

(no subject)
Hey guys! We're going to celebrate Hanami. This means you,  no excuses accepted!

Get out your nice clothes, and we can all bring some stuff and share it. Hikari-chan thinks it's what we all need right now and I agree.

It's kinda cool that even with everything happening, and the aftershocks, the trees still bloom. Kinda makes you feel better.

Hey! Do you think the old people will get mad if I bring my soccer ball?  Dude, I miss it.

(OOC Note: Warning of Chosen blowing off steam,slightly overboard because the stress is getting to them. Some of the joking is a forced way to let go of over a month of all too serious atmosphere. )

I have something serious to confess....
(Posted around noon April first)

Ok,so it's really hard to tell you this but...

I'm a transvestite. I love to wear leather corsets and miniskirts and I have a shrine to T.R. under my bed. I have a secret deal with Yamato where he'll sneak me cheesecake pictures of the blonde if I keep him supplied with imported American Wonka bars (He's addicted)

(Added later that night)

Dear, Little Bro.
Remember to log out of your account on this day especially!
-Your loving sister


(ooc: Yes, this is Jun-mun, and yes I got permission to hijack <3)

(no subject)
Is everyone ok?!
I can't get my phone to work to call anyone, but the internet is kind of still working, I guess that's good right!? RIGHT?!! Jun you'd better get on SOMETHING now, I know your phone has facebook, you're on it 24/7 WHY NOT NOW!
You'd better be ok, because if you're not I'm going to throw all of your clothes out!
Hikari-chan? You're ok right? Taichi-sempai? Yamato? Takeru?!! Everyone?!!!
I'm kind of freaking out, and I bet you guys are too so I'm ok...kinda. So's Veemon...yeah he kind of saved me from a bookshelf. Don't ask because...well. just don't!

Crap! Mom and Dad are probably panicking. They left for their second honeymoon yesterday and I can't reach them. I can't do anything. Shit. I'm going to try to find my sister. I can't just sit here and do nothing.

(no subject)
Well, Valentines day was...wierd. I mean...I actually got chocolates from girls-who-are-not-my-best-friends. It's kinda of scary, yeah, I know I'm a sexy beast, but I like to think that usually people are too overwhelmed by my total manliness to give me chocolates. I mean..I still don't know who two of them are from since they were totally anonymously left on my station in cooking class when I went to get more ingredients but... yeah.


WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?! Other people get to practice this in HIGHSCHOOOL!

(OOC:Don't mind him, this is just the first time he's ever gotten anything on V-day from a girl who wasn't his bff, or his sister (when she's in a good mood))


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