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...uh...don't forget the ramen and soccer too!

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I have something serious to confess....
(Posted around noon April first)

Ok,so it's really hard to tell you this but...

I'm a transvestite. I love to wear leather corsets and miniskirts and I have a shrine to T.R. under my bed. I have a secret deal with Yamato where he'll sneak me cheesecake pictures of the blonde if I keep him supplied with imported American Wonka bars (He's addicted)

(Added later that night)

Dear, Little Bro.
Remember to log out of your account on this day especially!
-Your loving sister


(ooc: Yes, this is Jun-mun, and yes I got permission to hijack <3)

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My sister posted in my journal D: Dude....I feel violated.

It's always weird to come back to a message you didn't write, eh? My sisters haven't posted on my accounts too much but my flatmates last year... Ugh. My poor Facebook: "Ashton loves New Zealand so much I want to move there! Brendan and Joseph like this."

Got any ideas for your revenge yet?

Kinda, friend lent me ten year old laptop that's slow but...

Yeah! Especially THAT. Dude.

Huh? revenge? It's April fools day though.

If you start planning for next year now it could be epic.

Well yeaaaaaaaaaaaah...but I'd forget by then. And anyway. She totally owed me back for last year.

(Deleted comment)
I'm feeling better, or I was eh...heh... but now I am!

As he head-desks because, thanks to his two best friends, most of his birthday was spent with a hangover, and he doesn't want to tell her that.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you, Hikari-chan! I can't believe I almost forgot my own birthday!

... I could've believed that until you mentioned the imported candy.

... Okay, no I couldn't. You need to keep track of the date.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Kinda. Veemon's STILL laughing at me.

Hey! Yamato-sempai DOES like imported candy!

... But enough to send borderline pornography of his brother?

uh...POINT. UGH.

I totally didn't need that image in my head!!!!!

Thanks ALOT D:

Dude...sometimes I don't like you very much *shudder*

The rest of the time you're pretty cool!

I was kidding with that last part. ^^

Ohhh! Well you're still pretty cool.

(Deleted comment)
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