With courage and friendship we face the world...

...uh...don't forget the ramen and soccer too!

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Backdated to sunday.


I was at work, so I missed watching it live, but my sister recorded it for me. I think I love her right now.

......Awwww man. now I owe her one.

Dude. So worth it.

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Congratulations, guys (and the gals in question but I don't think they're reading this)! :D

I WISH they'd read my journal. That would be so cool!

So they could find out about your ramen shop?

Then there'd be free ramen for every one of them right?;)

...MAYBE, I'd have to take it out of my check, since my boss isn't a soccer fan, but it'd be SO worth it.

Exellent! We should meet up and play a game in their honor.
Or just eat ramen.

....Heck, dude I just want an excuse to see you.

Lets do both! I miss you too, dude!

Just name a date and time.
It still is bit crazy, to be honest,
but I'm suffering Daisuke withdrawl.....

Can't have that. Heh, I know it's hard to go this long without me, man. I'm surprised you lasted this long

Let's not go there. lol...
You DO realize there are people who thought I was your wife(...)

I love you man, but not that way.

So when are you free?

WHAAT? Dude. Really? Sorry, man, yeah. People are wierd.

I'm free tomorrow after six, or all day sunday. Kenji switched with me so I worked a double today. His sis is sick.

I know right? -_-; Maybe it's my long hair.

Tomorrow night would be better for me.
I have to study for finals on Sunday.
I'll call you when I get there.

(Deleted comment)
...Where the heck did this come from? o.o

Probably because I'm soft spoken and appears metro.
And obviously because it's because I'm pretty and I know it.
It runs in the family.


(Deleted comment)
Cool. I'll see you then.

I dunno, Yamato's hair's spikey, but it's almost the same length.

Maybe I'm just that manly, that you look girly next to me!

(Deleted comment)
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