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...uh...don't forget the ramen and soccer too!

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(ooc: This takes place in current time. I'm not sure what happened around christmas yet XD Since I want to talk to muns about it)

Soooo, I kinda lost my job a few days ago. My boss decided he didn't need so many people after the holidays. I guess it makes sense though. He says I can see about reapplying once summer rush hits, but I don't know if I want to go back. I mean I've been there longer than half the people they had stay, and I totally worked more than them too! Like Hiyashi! He totally called to see if I could cover his shifts half the time, and when he WAS there he was flirting with the customers and I was doing his work anyway, which pissed me off a little.

OH...waaaaait maybe that's why. Heh. I kinda lost my temper and yelled at him because he wanted me to take his New Years eve shift too...

I kinda like having the free time, but I'll miss the money....

At least I made out like a bandit on christmas!

Backdated to right after Kitten incedent
Hey guys! I totally just stole Kens computer while he was out.

I'm staying at his house to avoid Death-By-Jun! It's not too bad. His mom likes me and the cat (STILL need a name for her! Come on, Help people!) and she's an awesome cook! I kind of wish I could stay in Ken's room instead of the guest room so we could talk, but I guess that's be kinda wierd everyday, plus he says he needs to study sometimes.

Oh! Ken's mom helped me study for my practical Final in cooking class. They're going to give us one of twenty difficult recipes and we have to make them without help! We've done some of them in class, but I KNOW I'll end up with one we haven't.

So Ken? Guess who made dinner last night! HAH! And I bet you didn't notice.

( OOC: If you don't want to reply, this is mainly for timeline reference. If you do want to reply...I MISS RP ;_:!)

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ARRRRRGH! I know I've seen some of you guys at school and stuff, but.... Hikari-chan at least knows that Mom brought home a kitten from a friend at her work a few weeks ago....

I don't care what you say, Hikari-chan! that little furball is a MONSTER! it's gotta secretly be an evil digimon or something, because it shredded my soccer socks, the internet wires and knocked down the internet thingy so it wouldn't work, then it ate my dinner before I got home from work!

 So I've spent the last few weeks trying to kitten proof all of my important stuff.

Edit: DUDE, she got Jun's favorite hairclip. Can I ,like, LIVE over at someones house for a while? Jun's gonna kill me because I didn't protect it~

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Why do teachers think they're your only teacher, and the only one giving you homework? This is so dumb. Like....the first few weeks I haven't had ANY time to do ANYTHING! I'm going to go nuts!

It's like, "
Dear,, Sensei! I have homework in my other classes too! And I have a life! And soccer! and FRIENDS who I haven't seen in forever!

Not to mention the whole freaky monsters popping up and possible evil masters to contend with....

Not that we can't take them! We're awesome~! But as awesome as we are it's kinda hard to keep up with things when you pile me with homework!

I'd skip some if I didn't think my traitor best friends would yell at me for it! :/

-Totally not wanting to be your student-

Motomiya Daisuke"


What are we doing?

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 So I'm stupid and ended up twisting my ankle. No soccer for a while, can you believe it!!!!

Stupid Digimon...

I was on my way home from the late shift at work and I THOUGHT I saw Patamon, so I went to see if T-whatever had come back early. You'd think I'd have thought about what's been happening with everyone else and the wierd digimon but nooooo so it' ATTACKED ME, which is so not fair because, me human without attacks. I jumped out of the way....into a pile of trash cans...

So my ankle hurt and I smelled like GARBAGE D: and not the AHH HEFTY smell of kitchen trash. This was greasy closed bad chinese food trash!

Then I got home and mom made me walk all the way down to the garage and hose off before she'd let me in. Does that seem fair to you? I mean I was gross, but by then it wasn't as bad as my gym bag and she lets that into the house...most of the time....

And now Chibimons mad at me for not taking him! It's not like I can bring him to work!

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Hey guys!

So, Sorry about the whole not posting thing. I've been kind of busy, and when I'm free I'm more likely to go outside then sit in front of a computer all day.

Have you ever just gone running? It's so cool. You can run and run for no reason other than the wind in your face... I don't know. I kinda of like to do it when I have a lot of thinking to do.

Hah hah, yeah I DO think sometimes! Not funny guys!

Anyway, it's been a fun month so far, with hanging out with everyone again, and Tanabata.  I hope you like the hairpins Hikari-chan! It was hard to pick them out and stuff without you noticeable. Bet you were surprised too! It was Iori's idea-That guys awesome. I couldn't think of anything you know?

and speaking of him....
Don't forget you promised to teach me Kendo, man! Your first cooking lesson will be when you have free time next. Don't worry, it won't hurt a bit!

I met-and re-met some of the international chosen, It's kind of cool having new friends all over, but dude. English is hard enough to learn, I doubt I'll be learning everything else. My brain would explode and then you would have to clean up pieces of Daisuke brain. Kinda gross right?

V-mon wants to go to the park now, so I'll see you guys later!


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Who:  Motomiya Daisuke and Izumi Koushirou
What: Daisuke needs computer help!
Where: Daisukes bedroom
When: Not sure!

Fail tag is fail woohooCollapse )


Blame Hikari for TL;DR Daisuke hyper post.
Momoe you'r awesome for giving me an iced coffee and then Hikari gave me a triple shot espresso and it tasted so good and I had cookies and ice cream with Hikari-chan and we talked and hung out and I totally missed her, and I think I had a little too much something because I can't stop typing and I can actually keep up with Chibimon in the bouncing departmant! Hey! maybe we should have a bouncing contest because I can't sit still and I have a paper to least I think so, I'm not sure.  I bet Chibimon would do it. I wonder if anyone else can bounce as much as us, I mean I bet Mimi can when she's shopping, and maybe Upamon can because of Miyako's trampoline butt, and I bet Ken could because he's cool like that, but he'd never do it BECAUSE he's cool like that, and what's up with that because bouncing is kinda fun, and so's soccer, and I really, REALLY want to play right now...I mean, seriously, I do, but there's noone to play with and it's late and I wonder if anyone wants to play soccer in the dark. Hey, Tai-sempaaaaai! Wanna play night soccer? I'm never gonna get to sleep like this, even if I make one of those slow-down dinners I read about in a book. Yes, I read, T.U.!!! I have to to pass school so I could go to school, and DO I have a paper? I'm not sure, is anyone else in my class? Speaking of class, I made some wierd home-made okinamiyaki,and I need people to taste it, so if anyone wants some because I bought too many ingredients, but hey, they were on sale! I have work tomorrow, but my job sucks because I'm a food delivery dude and no one, I mean NO-ONE seems to know what a tip is....OH CRAP I forgot I was supposed to take the car to a carwash today and I totally forgot, talk to you all later, or I might just go kick a ball around at the park. I wonder if Dunkin Doughnuts is open, I kinda want coffee now!

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Hey guys! I finally got one of these livejournal things. Hikari-chan helped me pick the name, isn't it cool? It totally fits me, right?!!!

Anyway, I kind of miss everyone, even T.D., but don't tell him that-unless he see's this before I get Ken to teach me how to make it visible to only some of my friends list. Maybe he can show me how to get a soccer theme or something too because this one is boring.

And no, Jun, I'm not going to cut my hair, for the last time! Yamato-sempai say's it looks cool on me!

Edit: HEY! WALLAAAACE! Long time no see, Dude! I kind of lost your contact info that one time-and the other time... heh...


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